Artist Statement

snowdrift snow drift snow wave

          Slides enchant me. Light shines through, making the forms and colors alive.
          I especially love projections onto a large white screen or, even better, a large wall.
          Light is essential to viewing and enjoying slides.
That's why I start with slides--because of light.
         The natural world, itself, is unsurpassed expression. The scene is there.
         The moment exists. My attempt is simply to recall it.
         I'm most satisfied when the moment I open the shutter is one of excitement
         and privilege, when I'm feeling thrilled by the beauty I'm witnessing
         and thrilled to be present, when I understand clearly that I'm seeing something
         that has never happened before and will never happen again.
        There is also fulfillment in exerting effort to be there.

        If I can unearth hope and trust, they inspire me to try.
        Then, the capabilities of body and mind are also required.
        The moment will emerge, but will not be perceived through my eyes, without my effort.
        Now, I'm alive and I'm there. The moment exists for me.

       Why do these magnificent expressions exist?
       And we have been given the ability to appreciate them.
       - Leila Wexe

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