Poetry room

small dune crown

    Deep evening. Shadows make a crown on the small dune.

    Beyond lies the barrier dune. And beyond that, the lake.

    (A cloud reflects sunlight.)

    Peace comes: a perfect feeling inside.

    Sleep calm.

    Sleep well..

    The possibility is infinite.

lakebright     Dive down.
    Below, the sand bars undulate.
    On the way down, the water at first becomes dark.
    Then, as you near the bottom, it becomes light.
    The sun shines through to pure, rippled sand on the bottom.          You can see for some distance
    and the sand extends as far as you can see.
    Above, the sky and sun undulate through the waves.

snowflower     A ballerina rises, light sparkling.

    Ancient limbs caress her dance.

    Underneath the sand sleeps quietly, unaware.

ice pod green     In the winter of this land,
    a purple pod of life is suddenly glazed
    and made immobile in ice.
    To all appearances everything has stopped,
    held still inside a shimmer of light
    placed by a storm of ice.

    The matrix of life holds strong.

    Across Lake Michigan in Chicago, among the streets and homes to the north of the city,
    there is a parking lot and a stairway to a beach with old concrete, hauled gravel and sand
    for swimmers. Looking out under strong neighborhood lights, across breakwater concrete
    and an old sidewalk to the lake beyond, you might never guess that, on the other side,
    this land could exist.

    From that point going north-- perhaps to stand, finally, on a terrace of the lakeside gallery in         downtown Milwaukee, traffic and tall buildings filling in all the space behind--
    your guess there will most likely not fair much better.
tree roots     Across the lake there is a hidden land of sand and wind
    that whispers the ground from underneath beech trees
    reaching for the sun on crests of forest dunes.

    The author Paul DeKrief, as a local tells the story,
    helped Sinclair Lewis write Arrowsmith and brought his friend
    Ernest Hemingway to swim here. Just to the north,
    L. Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz.

                                                  ~ Poetry by Jacobian Hamiltonian ~

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